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Welcome to the reviews! While this page is dedicated to Wealthy Affiliate University, you can read all my other reviews here too! Everything I talk about is something I have purchased myself. I’ll let you know exactly what I buy, why I buy it and whether or not I think you should buy it too! Let me know what you think in the comments!



No Cost Income Stream Review Reveals The Truth About This Course

One - Time $37 Payment         Product: No Cost Income Stream 2.0  Internet Marketing Course Overall Ranking 5 out of 10 Created By Jeff Wellman, Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts. Also known as the Real Guys. Website: 2018 No...

Information about Internet Marketing

I consider myself a guide.

Affiliate marketing is sales on the internet. If you love helping people, and you love being online, then maybe affiliate marketing is perfect for you!



Creating a website and owning your own digital business is absolutely no different then any other business. If you are going to make investments of yourself and your resources, you should at least select an option that has your success in mind. An option that has a proven track record for success.

Building A Website

Building a Website has become instantaneous for anybody. This service is no different. This shouldn’t scare you though. Like most automated processes on the internet, this is designed to be user friendly, so anybody can adapt.

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Building An Online Business

Maybe your not afraid of building a website at all. Maybe you know that building a site can be really easy and even fun! You also understnad that building your website properly is important. That it doesn’t matter how fast or cool you build it, if you don’t have the fundamentals in place, you may not succeed. Althought there is no magic secre to ranking in the search engines that is not to say there are not key factors that contribute to your website being found.

Generating Traffic

There are people signing up everyday to create new sites for anyting you can think of. Huge internet companies would not spend all the money they do telling you to build websites to make your crazy dream a reality otherwise. There are truths to these realities. This advertising falls short of also warning you of everything you need to do along the way behind the scenes to create taffic and bring customers to your site! They do this o they can sell you those exact services! It’s easy to learn yourself exactly what the targets are and how to hit them!

Here's the Dealio


I told you I wasn’t here to sell you and I stand by that point.  If you are checking this out, you’re interested or you wouldn’t be here. In sales, there is something called the close.  It is when the person who wants to make the sale, will simply ask you to buy. Sometimes, believe it or not, it is even pyschological! As consumers, we want to be asked. At some point here, you need to know the offering, what is being asked of you, or presented to you.  I take great pride in options and up till now, I have explained why I am here and believe in it so much. Here is more information for the fundamentals, if you have been thinking about making money online.



Wealthy Affiliate Review

Things have changed quite a lot over the last 20 years. There are opportunities to make money at every turn and more people are beoming more open-minded to ways of making that money. The options for making money online, well they sem to be infinite today. Internet marketing and making money online, in general, has a bad reptation. That can only be changed with credible marketers showing the examples of genuine opportunity available to those who are seeking it.

I sincerely believe that every opportunity that you come across is probably ideal for at least 5% of the population. The only way for you to find out here today, is check it out and see if it clicks for you. Thanks!

My reasons for signing up originally were very simple. It was free. I was under no obligation to continue, everything is transparent. The opportunities for success are genuine.


Learning Platform

Everything is fresh including all the lessons. Each course is a truly step by step design for anyvody to be able to work at their own pace.


Assistance to Start

For the first 7 days of your membership you will have access to live chat.


2 Websites

2 Websites to start leaning with right away. They won’t include the security package but you won’t need that anyways.


Beginner Course

The dynamics of where its taking you. It will all start to click in your mind as to how all of this works together in the long run.


Personal Affiliate Blog

Express your thoughts at any time for feedback from the community!

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Walk throughs with step by step instructions for any skill level.



Once you discover how many tools are at your disposal, realize what kind of support system you are becoming a part of, the reasons to continue will become overwhelming. I mean this in every sense of the word.


Everything You Need

If you have considered a lifestyle change or know you are destined to follow a path online, you will know this is the right place to be.

iJared at WealthyAffiliate

Here is where you can read my blogs about Wealthy Affiliate. Of course these articles point out all the benefits of learning to make money on line here. I have a lot of fun writing about it.



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Wealthy Affiliate University Premium Member Profile

Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate University! Well, my review of it anyways. Today I want to give you an inside look at everything that you see if you were a member of the community. I am going to show you my Wealthy Affiliate University Premium Member...

What are Keywords for Search Engines For

With this post I am going to try to catch the attention of people already working in affiliate marketing. Maybe I can catch the attention of people who might be searching for ways to make money online at the same time.  Either way, I am going to try and ansers...

2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Steps for Successful Affiliate Marketers

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Build Website Make Money

That actually sounds kind of boring. But it is absolutely straight to the point. It is also kind of the way I think. Build Website Make Money is something I myself would type into the Google address bar and hit return. We all think differently and see things from...

What a Niche Market Is?

That was the one question I wanted an answer for. I still, believe it or not still have a problem figuring it out. What a Niche Market is, is what you are supposed to know all about. That in itself is what a niche is, your knowledge. Now people search online for ways...

Wealthy Affiliates close to 1 Million Members

Alright, we go. Let's get excited and lets get this party started! There has never been more proof, more excitement and more people hopping on the bandwagon. Wealthy Affiliates close to 1 million Members! Let me say that again, 1 MILLION. That is a lot of people...

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