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There is a lot of excitement in the world of Internet Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is really starting to take off thanks in part to companies like Amazon making online shopping totally normal. This brings the need for a reminder of the very best way to learn how to make money online. This is my 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Steps for Successful Affilaite Marketers! The buzz in the industry, is this, is the year of the Affiliate Marketer. I totally believe that so let’s hit the ground running!


2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Steps for Successful Affiliate Marketers

Who is this review for?

  • College Students
  • University Students
  • Retired Individuals
  • Retired Veterans / Disabled Veterans
  • Disabled Individuals (who can work from their computer)
  • New Career seekers
  • Career Development/Advancement seekers
  • Laid Off Employees
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • People with massive hospital/health bills
  • Low Salary Employees
  • High Salary Employees that Want More
  • Minimum Wage Workers
  • Passive Income Seekers
  • Residual Income Seekers
  • Baby Boomers About to Retire


My Wealthy Affiliate Review

I am going to do my best to tell you everything you want to know about Wealthy Affiliate. At the end of the review, if it clicks for you, you can sign up and start your journey as an Affiliate Marketer!

I am really excited to share all of this information with you. I think, I have made note of all the important things right off the bat so you are only getting the real facts that you want. The rest I think really does speak for itself.

The review is about Wealthy Affiliate. A successful online community of like minded Entrepreneurs building businesses on the internet.

The site was started over 10 years ago by a couple of of Canadians. It’s all about making money online, how you do it, step by step. That’s the cold hard facts about it.


The Good

The Bad

When it comes to pointing out what is good and bad, for me sometimes thinking of something bad really is difficult when I feel that strongly or  probably wouldn’t be representing the product or service. On the other had there is also something that may not be appealing about a product to the customer, so all the information about the product should be explored. That exact notion is probably why I have been so successful in commission sales. I worked for companies that I believed really did genuinely want to help the consumer. This justified the price and the profit to me.

The Bad

If we are going to talk about the bad, I would say if you are not serious about it all, no point in continuing. This will mean an investment of your time, and your money. There I said it. Nobody wants pay the money but we are talking about starting and owning a business.
The good news about this, when I say Wealthy Affiliate University is a genuine one stop shop for starting a website of your dreams, this is not just a bunch of keywords. The monthy premuim membership is indeed cost effective and competitive for everything included in the package. Paying yearly gives you the absolute best return on investment for your business.

The Good

The Bad

Depending on what you know about WordPress and hosting, you may feel like you don’t get control over certain things. If you don’t know what I am talking about, don’t think that you are suddenly missing out on something important, because you’re not.
Part of what you are paying for with a premium membership to start your online business, is for most of the technical aspects of having a website taken care of for you. This doesn’t mean you are missing out, in fact, what you are missing out on is the possibilites of problems that will take your time away. This is time you want to spend on creating content.

These technical details largely deal with things like software installations and keeping your website visible on the internet at all times. More good news is the fact that the fun stuff, life creating the design and seeing the frontend results is still super easy for you.


Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is becoming a new norm. There is a huge wave of legitimacy sweeping over the internet as sites like Amazon and Uber continue to grow. If you love sales and you love being online, becoming an Affiliate Marketer is awise choice for making money online today. Wealthy Affiiate University will teach you each step, start to finish.

The Good








Support (Live Chat, SiteSupport, Q & A)

All of the basics are covered here. When you think of the word support, you have to remember a couple of things that happen at Wealthy Affiliates.

First you have the actual SiteSupport. These guys and gals are taking care of all the technical stuff about your website.  The hosting and the security of your website. This alone makes it easy for anybody who doesn’t want to worry about all of that stuff.

Now if you have a question about anything else you have the entire community to help you find an answer. This includes the Live Chat. Real Members offering real advice usually based on personal experiences.

Personal Mentoring

We all need advice and the right instructions. Having mentors is important, vital to success. Ultimately, we need each other to succeed, we need each other to set the example.

When it comes to having a personal mentor, I am here for you along with every other member of the community. This is another reason I joined Wealthy Affiliate and ultimately became a premium member.

I have never once felt as though I was just another check mark on somebody’s list. The person that I signed up through had great reviews about different things and the Wealthy Affiliates University was one of them.


Since being a Premium Member my personal mentor has always been there, front and center most of the time to answer my questions. Sometimes my questions are really silly and sometimes they are very technical, the great news is there is always an answer usually based on experience.

Having a personal mentor is one more advantage you have, as the person that brought you into the game, I want you to succeed. I believe in the courses and the whole enterprise or I wouldn’t be here promoting it to you. I can encourage you and we can make progress together.

You are never on your own once you become a part of the community.


This is the most unique thing about being a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate. There is no other way to describe it and I don’t think that everybody will understand it completely, without joining the community themselves.

That is my actual, no holds barred suggestion if you are looking for ways to make money online. If you want to become an Affiliate Marketer. Just click on the links, get signed up for the couple weeks to try it out. When you jump in, the 2 weeks is going to tell you if this is something you want to follow up on or not.

I say this because in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliates is like signing up to Facebook but for business. For real life learning about how online business works. It is worth the price of admission because of everthing you learn, if you really are serious about being online and making money.

That is what the whole community is doing. There would not be close to a Million Members paying premium membership fees if there was not a return on investment.

Just like there are certain things that make people successful in business, the same can be said about having a successful online business. In the mind of an Internet Marketer, that  means a website offering a product or service and getting organic (unpaid for) traffic to your site through the search engines.

This community is one that leads by example. That is the whole premise and that is what continues to make this community of Affiliate Marketers grow every day.

Training Courses, Step by Step

When I found the university, I had no idea what I wanted my niche to be. As I continue to take the courses, I love the niche of making money online period! I like everything about it because more and more people are looking for those ways to do it.

The training courses at Wealthy Affiliates really are Step by Step. One thing at a time, explained to you no matter what pace you want to work at.

What you can learn is what is exciting to me. What got me signed up was the fact that I was learning fundementals about owning my own business and learning how to have an online presence at the same time.

If you love sales, being online and helping people, then you should learn Affiliate Marketing!

Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays)

See an Example of Live Classes here.

Every week there is a live class, that becomes ready for replay within a couple days of first being played. We live in the age of video. Step by step, nothing makes it easier to learn anything, then playing a video.

I just fixed my own dryer a little while ago by watching a quick video on YouTube. This is even better because as a premium member you have access to the entire library of Live Video Classes. Every single one of them.

These Live Video Classes cover every topic you can imagine, and over the years they have been updated to adapt to technology and updates.

What this means plain and simple is that if you there is something you want to learn about, a quick search of the live video classes will probably bring up a training course that you can view at your own pace.

The other fantastic part of these videos is they do indeed cover everything you can think of for building your business. Sometimes I forget that there are different ways to build a business as a website. You still have to learn how to do certain things as any business normally would. Things like marketing and promotions.

This is where some real technical things can come up. Some of the things, to be honest, that have kind of bored me in my journey as an Affiliate Marketer. Things like SEO and Keyword research. Other importants details like rankings and search engines submissions. All the little details that happen behind the scenes.

With access to the video’s on all of these subjects, learning affiliate marketing is at your disposal. The other thing that should definitely mentioned is these Live Video classes are weekly. So each weekend you can look forward to new training.

Ambassadorship Program

Visit the Ambassadorship details page here.

This is like the Welcoming Committee on Steroids! I honestly don’t know how else to explain how cool the Ambassadorship Program at Wealthy Affiliates really is.

Within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform there is a ranking system. This is a way for member to lead by example and contribute examples of success for other members regarding referral rates. When it comes to ranking, certain members are designated as Ambassadors for Wealthy Affiliate.


As an Ambassadors, these members are usually the most helpful collaborators. They are there to answers questions and point out the most relevant information available to solve issues for all the other members.

Ambassadors have in depth knowledge of the entire course you are taking, step by step as you are, because they have completed all of the same task themselves.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Visit the Online Entrepreneur Certification here.

This is where you learn how and why being an Affiliate Marketer meaning owning a business. Your business is genuine content and information for the viewing consumers. You want people to purchase from your website no differently then if your store had a front door on the street.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification is the most comprehensive step by step courses available on the internet! I realized it’s a bold statement, but next to the Affiliate Bootcamp (An Extension Course), this certification has you covered.

All of the details from A to Z are taught with easy to follow videos and the steps literally listed for you to keep you accountable and keep track of where you are.

The ongoing process will show you the fundamental steps in building a website and adding all the content your create. You will also learn how all of this works so that you can also create traffic, visitors to your website.

The last part of the process is to make sure you have monetized your website, how you begin to create income. All of these different options are listed for you to utilize, creating multiple income streams as you decide what is most viable for you and your business.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Visit the Affiliate Bootcamp here.

The name says it all. This is the Bootcamp where you will learn how to become an Affiliate Marketer! The great thing about this affiliate bootcamp is the fact that you don’t have to know your exact niche right away to get started with this!

When I first joined this was one of the most appealing aspects of going premium. Yes, you can use the niche of people searching for ways to make money, by supporting the Wealthy Affiliates University the way I am now.

This is an instant crash course and the opportunities to grow with this niche now, are becoming seemingless endless. There are always going to be people looking for ways to make money online, much the way I was when I found Wealthy Affiliates.

That is why this community so successful and why the number of people in the community continues to grow every single day. Just like the numbers for new people accessing the internet. No matter how old some information might be to me or you, it is brand new to somebody just learning about it for the first time.

The Affiliate Bootcamp will continue to grow because of all the people searching ways to learn interneting marketing. The coolest thing about it though, to me, the heart of why I continue to promote it, is the intention of everybody that actually follows the courses.

There is a right way to make money online and there are a lot of wrong ways. The community here supports the entire platform because it is proven. The steps here work. People learn how to be successful Affiliate Marketers.

The Affiliate Program

An incredible benefit to being part of the community at Wealthy Affiliate! An Affiliate Program for an Affiliate Program, and it really does rock. All the way to Las Vegas every year!

This is another incentive for all the members to get refferals to the Wealthy Affiliate University. Once a year we all have the chance to win an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas to meet with other Wealthy Affiliates!


If you haven’t networked yet, prepare to network like you have never networked before! You will meet more people and find more ways to collaborate then you thought was ever possible.

These are like minded individuals, so it is in everybodies best interest to share ideas and motivate each other.

This is where you will discover secrets between affiliate marketers for generating traffic and building your own niche sites.

Building Websites

SiteRubix Builder

This is fun! Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress and creating a website and using their hosting is simple. That is the only word for it! The selection of themes and designs for premium members includes the entire WordPress Catalogue. The starter membership makes it just as easy to select from a wide range of themes to learn from as well.

Now, I don’t want to confuse anybody here to much, building websites on Wealthy Affiliates is called Siterubix. This is setup so you don’t worry about certain installations or how the software exactly works. You just have to worry about how your website will look on the outside when it comes to getting really technical.

The SiteRubix is super user friendly and works as fast if not faster then any comparable site builder out there.

Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)

SiteRubix Details

How to describe the SiteRubix for somebody who has no idea how to create a website?

It doesn’t get any easier?

I don’t know what else to say. The creators of Wealthy Affiliate built the system to use WordPress software. This software is used by a large majority of the internet and you could say, was the start of internet blogging websites. The designs and functionality that comes along with using WordPress has made it the go to platform for most Entrepreneurs when building thier own online businesses.

When it comes to keeping the details of your website health, this is another exclusive, as far as I know. This is a details page within your control panels.

This is basically a dashboard you get to see whenever you login to your website that will quickly show you all the important things about your website functioning properly. You will know your site is secure, that it being viewed properly and functioning.

This will also alert you to comments and interaction when it happens on your website.

The Website Performance Tools that are built in to the SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiiliates are truly designed for a completely worry free experience. This experience is for a person completely knew to working with software or somebody a little more familiar with hosting and designs.

I think one of the most challenging decisions a person has to make when deciding to make money online, is indeed where to start exactly.

There are commercials everyday promoting building the website of your dreams and starting for free. The niche of making money online is that strong and will never go away. Finding a one stop shop is what the bigger companies are actually promoting.

Somewhere you can learn the very first few steps and why. I think the big difference between the big internet hosting companies and Wealthy Affiliates, is Wealthy Affiliates does have your long term success in mind.

There is no gimmick to starting your online business. There are no inflated costs that vary year by year.


What is appealing about these programs is even the first few steps are taken care of and all in one place. This just makes sense to a lot of people. Especially those of us that find it beneficial for some of this technicall stuff to be streamlined.

All of the tools you are looking for are built in from start to finish here. You can learn all in one place how you start right from scratch to build your business. Right from picking a domain name and understanding why. Not because you just get use of a free site builder.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is your sincere one stop shop for building your website. This is your business and having these options up front is to your benefit.

Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)

Part of the magic of networking, utilitizing the opinion and feedback of other members in the community to make improvements to your site as you add to your niche. These comments are an essential part of the the success of your affiliate marketing website and this is where you can share your posts for direct collaboration.

The Hosting Platform

You don’t have to be a tech to build your website and make everything work! That really is one of the biggest benefits to being a premium member to build your business. All of the hosting headaches are taken care of for you!

That is serious piece of mind so you can concentrate on learning how to make your site look good and convert traffic. The WordPress hosting platform keeps your site safe and secure around the clock. When you do have an issue, support is always available to troubleshoot the problem.

SiteContent Writing Platform

Check out the SiteContent Writing Platform here.

This is my favourite part of the whole Wealthy Affiliate University! To me, blogging and being an affiliate marketer is all about the writing, the content!

Everyboyd wants to have fun along the way and having all the right tools at your disposal is part of this process! Since I have been a premium member at Wealthy Affiliates, the tools for building websites have just gotten better and better.

It can be kind of messy trying to get your momentum going as a writer. Remembering all the different ideas you have for writting about different subjects, different titles and starting drafts. Keeping all of this stuff together can be difficult to say the least.

The SiteContent writing platform takes all of that worry away from you!

Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate University is called Jaxxy. You can learn more about it here.

There is a beginning level that is standard as part of your Wealthy Affilaite Premium Membership.

What can I tell you about this tool that can excite you? I can tell you why this excites me!

The keyword research tool here rocks! It is user friendly and it really easy to navigate and get around to do all your hard work and research.

Ask any Affiliate Marketer and they will probably tell you that keyword research is what Affiliate Marketing on the internet is all about. In fact, the words, keyword research are what being on the internet is all about.

Figuring out what the people out there are searching for and create content based on that exact criteria!

This has always been the really boring stuff to me. Even the word research sounds like work. I am though, being lazy. When you enjoy what you are doing, and you are creating content, this just means taking the time to learn a few more things about your topic, and write something to share all of your information.

To be successful on the internet and be sure your work is found on the internet, you have to use these search tools to figure out exactly what people are looking for when they Google stuff.

These tools are out there across the internet and most of them involve some monthy charge, for the really good ones anyways. There are of course some free versions out there if you do a little research on these tools themselves.

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliates the Keyword tool was ok. That is me trying to be nice. I mean it did the trick but it was also really boring and bland to even look at.

I know, what it looks like doesn’t matter that much. Well the good news is now it is functional and visually appealing for even the pickiest of us.

This tool is part of the premium membership here and since it has been upgraded, it makes creating your content and doing all the hard work fun!

It’s all good! All of these things are a part of Wealthy Affiliate University!  They are all included when you join and become a premium member. Remember I mentioned this is for people serious about making money online? With a little investment you find out exactly how much you want to learn about starting your own online business.

Let’s take one last look, with  a beautiful comparison chart!

The Good

The Good

I think I covered a bit of everything you probably want to know about learning about Affiliate Marketing. I think that obviously there are options out there for all of us. Some work and some don’t, nothing new there. If you listen to your gut instincts and something helps you and makes sense to you, my advice is to follow through and see where it takes you.


The Good

That is what I did when I signed up for the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliates Unversity and why I am still there today.

If you can think of something that I missed or you simply have a question for me, leave it in the comment box. I look forward to hearing back from the people who visit the site! Thanks for reading this review of the Wealthy Affiliate University by iJared.