That actually sounds kind of boring. But it is absolutely straight to the point. It is also kind of the way I think. Build Website Make Money is something I myself would type into the Google address bar and hit return. We all think differently and see things from various angles. One common thread though however is the search to make money online. Working online.


That is the goal, that is the dream and that is what has brought you here. I have to say all the right things to convince you I am worth your time. I hope to do just that.

I want to show you how to have fun and be technical at the same time. Cause that is what has brought me that far and now I really need to turn up the heat a little.

Spread the news and show people who think like me, and people who are thinking about greater picture.

To build a website, and to make some money, takes a lot of hard work. It takes a whole bunch of steps and a whole bunch of different learning curves. However, if you are like minded, and results driven, everything I just said is resonating with you.

I was searching for ways to make money because I wanted to have fun on the internet. I am still learning to create content, and that it is truly king when it comes to being on the internet. At least, the internet I want to be part of.

Build WebsiteMake Money is easier said then done. And I believe you have to be genuine and passionate about it. You have to have a purpose behind it. You have to want to reach out and relate to the people who are reading. Just like I am trying to, with you, right now.

Searching for making money online was because I enjoy the design and the production, that is the fun stuff to me. So that’s why I took this avenue of writing to add to this video.

I fell in love with the instant technology at my fingertips when I joined Wealthy Affiliates. And that was 3 years ago!! The technology has gotten even better. Seriously, you can have more fun even doing the technical stuff. I do not enjoy keyword research, however, here I am researching what people search for.

Finding a way to relate to people out there, who, like myself, might be a little impatiet. Honestly, I feel like I know what I want and how to do, so build website make money should bring up the most important stuff right away. That is my technical mind at work.

Add to the fact that I also have found great success in learning some of the cooler things I can do on the internet when it comes to design and presentation. I am looking to appeal to those of you that may want to skip to the fun stuff as well. The bonus is all of the above is starting to happen.

A mixture of highly technical information, combined with lessons and training, software and support. All of the above.