Alright, we go. Let’s get excited and lets get this party started! There has never been more proof, more excitement and more people hopping on the bandwagon. Wealthy Affiliates close to 1 million Members! Let me say that again, 1 MILLION. That is a lot of people finding success.

Yeah, I like the number a whole bunch. Cause I have been here at Wealthy Affiliates for a few years now, and I am starting to put the pieces together and well, GRADUATE. Ok, I mean start making even more money! It is 2018 and I want to hope on the hype baby! I never believed anything so much in my life as I do right now. Wealthy Affiliates is given me that education I needed.

Now some people are going to have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. Never want to assume, but I will take the guess that you are here because you want to make money online. I don’t know where or how you discovered the page but I have to believe you are a rational human being, ready to make an informed decision about creating income online.

Wealthy Affiliates has close to 1 million Members, that is 1 million people, who think like you do.

So like really stop and think about that again for a moment. You are looking for ways to make money online. So you can work where ever pretty much when ever you want as long as you can connect to the internet. You are just one of the thousands and thousands of people are searching for way to create passive income.

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliates there was only a little more then 200,000 members at the time. Nobody had really heard of affiliate marketing. I suppose if there are some people who just don’t think about it at all, they are just enjoying life as a consumer being able to pretty much buy anything at any time from anywhere, they can connect to the internet. Kind of interesting how that works out!

So as does the number of people new to the internet every day grows, so does the amount of opportunity that exists for future affiliate marketers. The members at wealthy affiliates are doing just that! Every one of us has a different niche or we are focused on showing other people how we do it.

There is no shortage of what you could turn your passion into purpose with here either. Now just means you take it into production. Wealthy Affilates teaches you absolutely everything you need to learn about making money online. In easy to follow steps that have proven results of success. In fact the whole community is based on it.

That is why I am here and right now there is so much hype because of Amazon and Crypto Currencies and just the being online! The numbers just keep growing and growing to. It’s infinite. Somebody can probably technically prove that wrong mathematically however, its still a lot!

If you are here and made it this far, I am going to guess a couple of more things for you.

You love being online and you love helping people?

You qualify, maybe you can be the 1 millionth customer!

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