That was the one question I wanted an answer for. I still, believe it or not still have a problem figuring it out. What a Niche Market is, is what you are supposed to know all about. That in itself is what a niche is, your knowledge.

Now people search online for ways to make money online and then the question of your niche can get quite complicated. That is the problem I tend to have. Try to keep it simple and not worry to much of the specifics of a Niche. Start by just narrowing down why you wany to be an affiliate marketer.

My niche, it turns out, so far is the make money online niche as a whole. Promoting the same way I have learned, reinventing the wheel every day with every article I write!

If you let thinking about your Niche get away from you, you might get bogged down in those details. Once you get moving along, the ideas just keep coming to you.

Wealthy Affiliates appealled to me because I was just trying to figure out what a niche market was to begin with. Once I saw the track record and the results of being part of the community, it only made sense for me to join.

Since joining, I have continued to learn about making money online, creating multiple streams of income. I am also learning to have even more fun doing it! Wealthy Affiliates gives you all the fundamentals needed to form your online business, as well as all the tools to grow it and maintain it!

You know you want to be online. You know you want to sell stuff. You want to tell the world about everything you know about this or that, and you want to show them where they should buy it.

There is a member of our community that sells flip flops!! Yes, flip flops, and he does such a great job of talking about his flip flops that real people want to buy the ones he is talking about.

It doesn’t matter what it is, there is a niche market for you. That is the flip side of all this. If you have knowledge of it and can help people, then there are people searching for it right now. If they are given a way to make the sale, something that has changed in many ways very quickly, they are making that buying decision!

You can start learning how to exact your Niche, how to develop it and share it with the world. You can learn how people network with each other, and how to communicate with like minded individuals.

You can experience everything you are looking for right now. Figuring out what your Niche is, is the first few steps for being online. Cause if you are thinking about it, you are searching about it, it is obvious there is something about it that clicks for you.

It is free to sign up, and it is free to find out for yourself right now.