As the number of people getting online today continues to grow, so does the number of people shopping and buying online. With Amazon serving more and more people everyday, Internet Marketing is starting to become a viable option to a lot of people. So what is a Niche Marketing Business anyways?

Your Niche


The easiet way for me to describe a niche to you is to simply say, your favourite subject. Whatever it is that you absolutely love and want to share with people.

Honestly, the more fun you have talking about it, the more you know it is your niche, your passion. Niche Marketing isn’t just about money, I have to point that out too. To be successful in the long haul, you have to be dedicated to creating quality content that is genuine.

Become an Authority

A niche marketing business is essentially a website that offers people information and an opportunity to make a purchase, ussualy a link within the article the viewer is leading. When the reader purchases from this link, the writer receives a small percentage of the price of the product.










Most niche sites offer the viewer a review of the product. This is where the authority of the product or niche is demonstrated.

If you think about it, this is exactly how most of shop for something. We search the term or what we are looking for and click and read a couple of different sites to see what we can find.

When we agree with something we find, if we don’t make a purchase at the time, we may revisit the same site in the future. At some point, when we have enough trust we make a purchase.

Affiliate Marketing

I have always said, if you love sales, and you love being online, you should be an Affiliate Marketer! So here I am! Seriously, that is exactly what a niche marketing business is. Yes you have a website, but as an Affilaite Marketer you are writing what should be genuine content to reach a certain audience. That audience is of course the same people interested in finding things in your niche.



Every single day we are all affiliates with all of our friends and family. Each and every time you refer someone to a product or service, you become an affiliate. When you do this online, you make money when your friends agree with you.

This is how it all comes together. When you take all of the steps to figure out what you want your niche to be, you then focus on becoming a source for people searching for items to buy.

Your Audience

Understanding your audience is very important when deciding on your niche. To be successful on the internet there is a lot of technical stuff you have to incorporate into your posts so that your site can get ranking and be found in the search engines.


I am not trying to scare you and don’t get too worried about it, if you love to write content it’s is really easy to learn. The key thing to remember is you have to do the right research on the right topics within your niche so you can cover everyting that is being searched for.

The good news is that once you have established what you want your niche to be, defining you audience is easy. You just have to think like potential customers do.

Provide a Solution

Absolutely anybody can be an Affiliate Marketer and succeed at it. It does take a lot of hard work. When I say hard work, some of it can be tedious in my own mind. Having said that, not everything we do in life is fun. Being able to do tedious things at my own convenience is nice.

To be successful, your content should really always accomplish one thing. It should provide a solution all the time for what the viewer is looking for. Obviously with a physical product this is a lot easier.


Working online and promoting ways to learn Affilate Marketing and creating income online is my way of providiing you the reader with a solution.

If you are like me, you may be trying to understand exactly what a niche is and how you can become an authority on it.

Your Options

This post was written to help anybody out there understand some of the technical terms behind affiliate marketing and how it works.

A niche marketing business is a lot of fun. Being a successful Affiliate Marketer means, in my opinion, you are providing genuine sincere content that people can relate to.

If you are contemplating become an Affiliate Marketer or trying to decide if Internet Marketing in general is right for you, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate University.


When you sign up you get access to the courses where you can learn all about what a Niche is and how you can decide on what works best for you.

The Benefits

The best part about all of this is you can really get a taste about a niche marketing business and really learn the basics before you have to worry about continuing. If you are trying to figure out if Internet Marketing is the right thing for you, you might as well find out what it is about before you have to make any more commitments.

Let’s be honest, if you sign up and you learn about all of this, you will confirm or deny your interest. You can join without a credit card and there is no obligation to continue if you don’t want to after the 2 weeks.


I found Wealthy Affiliates and I jumped right in because I knew I wanted to learn how to make money online. I also knew that my purpose is to help other people who don’t want to be scammed or schemed.

Let’s just say it one more time, a niche marketing business is Affiliate Marketing on the Internet. If you want to learn everything you need to know, to do it the right way, this is your chance.!

I want to hear from you, and I want to know what you think! If you have a Question, I want to try and answer it.

Thanks for reading.

Let’s make money online!