There are so many different ways to make money online today and most of it started with blogging. Write lots of genuine content for your reader, develop a following building trust with your reader and that should eventually lead to sales. That is how you make money blogging online. This niche of writing blogs is showing no signs of slowing down either.

Your Content

Blogging is writing. That is what it is all about and how it all started with the internet. A website became a platform for information on a particular subject. The blogger (the writer) continues to update the reader on any given niche (subject) by making entries ever few days or weeks etc.

The more content and submissions contributed by the blogger the better chance of being found by the readers searching for that particular niche.


Making money blogging online ussually means some sort of Affiliate Marketing, unless you are selling a product created by yourself. Affiliate Marketing is where you write about somebody else’s product and receive  a commision when somebody makes a purchase through your link.

When it comes to the tools of being a blogger, an Affiliate Marketer it would only make sense that your most important tools are going to have something to do with how you produce your content, how you write your blogs.

This is where the tools at Wealthy Affiliates comes in and why I want to show you the SiteContentBuilder you have access to when you are a premium member of this communtiy.


Now there is no denying that you can choose to write your pages and posts with any sort of word processor that you want, you should be aware of all the things that the SiteContent Manager does for you.

Whether you are new to Affiliate Marketing or have been trying a few things out, you know that within your content you need to make sure that certain details are taken care of. This goes beyond just your simple spell checker.

To rank your pages or posts in the search engines you will learn that your writing has more chances of being found you have everything included in your post.

You have researched what words or phrases people are searching for so you can write about them.

Without the proper use of headings, you lose your chances of ranking and keeping your viewers! When you want to make money blogging online you have to make sure that your posts are really easy to read. This means that you want the right headings so that a viewer can just scroll through the article if they want to. There should be enough headings to make the reader stop and get more information if the heading catches their eye.

Internal Links
When writing your post, you have included links to other sources of information within your website for your reader. This shows the search engine that you believe in your content and mention it whenever posible.

External Links
These are links in your post that will lead the reader to sites away from yours. These sites are usually of authority, meaning the information will be useful and relevant to the reader. These links are often added so they open in another window for the reader.

We are a visual society so we like to see nice pictures when we surf the internet. In most cases you can loose the viewer if they arrive on your page to see to much text.

Image Alt Tags
On the technical side, along with your pictures you want to make sure that all your images are loaded up with an Alt tag. This is something the search engines look for. Not having them can hurt ranking.

Like I just said, we are a visual society so even better then pictures is to have a video included in your post. This video can be self produced, self hosted or you can embed something from YouTube.

Submit Your Article

To make money blogging online, you want to make sure that you have all of these things covered when you write a blog post. All of these combined increase your chances for ranking in the search engines.

With the SiteContent manager at Wealthy Affiliates, submitting your article is easy too! Once you have written your post and made sure you have all of the above covered, you are ready to publish your post from this platform straight to your website!

Make Money

My biggest reasons for joining this communtiy is because I still have fun being online and writing for people. The SiteContent writing platform makes it so that everything is in one place, and it is fun!

That really is the best part of all of this and why I wanted to do this particular review of Wealthy Affilaites. Today, we all want user friendly, we want things to be easy. Doesn’t matter what it is.

When you log into your dashboard at Wealthy Affiliates, that is how everything works, especially the SiteContent writing platform. Everything is easy, from the appearance to the functionality!

This is how you do it. If you have wondered about making money blogging online, this is how it works. Blogging is indeed all about your content and what you write about. It is also about making sure you have included all of these details so that your blog is actually found and you make money.

When you join Wealthy Affiliates University you learn every aspect of making money online and all the fundamentals behind being an Affiliate Marketer.

For me, writing is the whole reason I enjoy being online and Affiliate Marketing. I have aso always been somebody that understands you need all the tools to do a job properly.

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