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Let’s start getting real  about a review Bitcoin.

It is here, it is not going anywhere, and I am involved. John McAfee Unbiased Reviews Bitcoin Illusion Security is about catching your attention AND letting you decide what to make of the information for yourself. That is the whole struggle with Bitcoin and the future of currencies in general. I mean currencies too, not just crypto currencies. Currency in our minds is money. The world we live in is creating a new definition of all of this. We don’t know how to look at the proof of what is already happening around us. Have to realize at some point that being naive is going to cause you to miss the train.

Everything that John McAfee says here is an unbiased review. He is talking about the illusion of security, and he is the foremost expert in the field! That is why people are even talking to the man! He created probably the most famous anti virus software on the internet and yet, he will be blunt about the realities of his own progress. Let’s check out the video.

Every single day, the phone I use, the computer you are viewing this one. Like he says, you’re watching it but it’s watching you to. My point about this before I do sound like a raving lunatic is the fact that it’s already happening for very legitamite reasons is the biggest motivation we should all take  a serious look at it.

I realize that everybody looks at the financial gain or loss of Bitcoin. Finding unbiased reviews of Bitcoin are challenging at that. The illusion of security doesn’t just exist with our money as he mentions, it exists in our every day life.  Bitcoin is about more then just getting rich. If you want to say that it is all about business, I am in total agreement. It is still about the changing hands of value for services rendered or products received in trade. It is transparent and designed to keep everybody involved honest.

There are no sneaky ways of collecting the information. There are no ulterior motives in manipulation for greater gain.

Your Email Gets Sold

That is why you don’t like giving it out. Or if your like me, you just say no when you get asked for a postal code. (Canadian Thing). Point is we are so used to just handing out our personal information everyday that we have lost sight of what is happening. Our information is bought and sold, traded and research. We call it convenience. Unfortunately greed and control are the ultimate motive of some.  It’s not all bad, because Bitcoin and these crypto currency concepts are in existence for the positive side of this.

The truth is, we all know this is all happening around us everyday. Some of us pay attention and care and some of us don’t. That is just how life works.

No matter what you decide to do, who you decide to trust, you are looking for solid security. Fact of the matter, as explained is nothing is truly safe, unless you have personally secured it. I have learned a lot so far diving into my review Bitcoin, stuff I didn’t even want to know.  On the other hand I got some key answers that are relevant to me and how I make my decisions.

qualify the right questions

qualify the right questions

For one thing, I now know that there is a way to make my Bitcoin real, as if I could put my hands on it. That is something very tangible in many people’s mind. I also learned that this really is about a higher thinking, more then it could ever be about financial thinking.

Could we really see no colleges or universities soon? is 10-15 years soon? I won’t tell you I believe it in my lifetime but I am also writing this post telling everybody to look at the really big picture of change.

My job here is to review Bitcoin as a  legitimate investment for those interested. Fortune Follows The Bold offers options on affiliate marketing and Amazon. This is all about Bitcoin. Follow my links and buy what I even call a lottery ticket. I believe in everything said in the video. If all of this does happen when John McAfee says it will, hopefully within my lifetime, I want to be informed and involved.

Thanks for Reading.

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