Affiliate Marketing Commision Rates

After I joined an affiliate group on Facebook the other day, I scrolled and saw a post. It was just a single question and the person was asking how many people give up after one year?  It made me think of what I am doing. I think Affiliate Marketing; Commision Tools! That’s what you need. And the reason for writing this post, is thinking that you really have to love sales to work on commision at all, online or off.

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliates, I immediatley shot up the ranks in community by building all my websites. I made them look great but didn’t understand the logistics behind affiliate marketing.  I can honestly tell you I didn’t worry about affiliate marketing commision rates.  Of course I want to know how much money I am going to make but in a weird way I just believe I am going to be successful in this endeavor period.  That means the money will be there. It is a by-product of success.

Shooting up in the ranks was great at first because I demonstrated by building abilities. Not so much on the content and the heart of earning an affiliate marketing commision percentage. Affiliate marketers work really hard to make their sales. We have to believe in our product, or message or service, and be diligent in spreading the word. Consistently.  Even after all that, you have to convert your traffic once they land on your site. Otherwise, it is nothing more then a brochure.

Now if you look, I am rising in the ranks again. I contribute more to the community again and I am learning. You can read more about WA on the home page if you haven’t already. You can read up specific WA details here. When it comes to affiliate marketing and how long it takes to make money, they don’t sugar coat it either.

So why do I say affiliate marketing commision tools? Because I am a commision sales person and I understand the profession itself can be a roll of the dice everyday. Your faith relys on the numbers and the assurance that when you help people you will be rewarded. You need the right tools, you also need the fortitude and perserverance to keep working.

At Wealthy Affiliates and many other forums and chats, I always see the people looking for the quick cash.  They believe that it can happen overnight. They want to know why nobody has purchased if they built the website and its there.  And they give up. I am 3 years in and still just starting out!

I loved to help people in brick and mortar stores. I always believed in my physical product. Now I am here and the adrenaline I get from affiliate marketing and being online building sites, can’t compare. I use the tools and the information I have learned. Applied Knowledge is Power.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, or being online at all, I encourage you to give the options on this site a try. It doesn’t happen overnight, but dreams do come true.

Thanks for Reading.