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Right now at Fortune it is all about the firsts. There is after all a first for everything right? So, here is the first post about Investing Bitcoin.  It isn’t going to be a really technical post because I honestly don’t know as much about it yet, so we are in this together. I have recently started promoting Amazon as another online way to create passive income, you can read about that here. This time we are asking if investing in Bitcoin is a good idea. My reason for investing, and my continued education is because I do believe the technology, or even better yet, the philosophies behind Bitcoin and Block Chain technology itself.

So let’s talk about that a little bit because that is what indeed has my interests.  Right now, for an investment of a few hundred dollars you can buy a ticket to be on my Bitcoin train if you will. Through networking and meeting people and clients, investing Bitcoin has been dropped in my lap, and once again, I feel it is a tangible financial option for anybody.

If you watch the video, it is a little bit of hype and clips from various people talking about the reasoning behind Bitcoin and Block Chain technology.  You are hearing more about the theory of the currencies and Bitcoin is the leader, being the first one, created back in 2009. Since then, Bitcoin rises and falls in the news, as does it’s price and it’s speculation of failure or success.

Back to my reasons for the investing Bitcoin and the faith in this crypto currency. It really comes down to one word, transparency.  Not everybody in the world is greedy and manipulative however it reallys feels like that when you talk about our governments or our big world corporations. Everything and everybody is portrayed as just wanting a peace of the pie. Unfortunately, this is a by product, in my opinion, of Capitalism. Not every person selling something believes in the same codes of conduct for business you could say. Our society and our media in advertising is case in point to this fact.

When it comes to trading your money, or making investments, transparency is something we all look for. Most fair minded business people understand that all involved are there to make a profit. Making sure all of the details of the not only the agreement, but the transactions itself are clear and transparent for all involved is the power behind Bitcoin and Block Chain Technology.

There are a million systems out there, I mention them in my post about Wealthy Affiliates you can read here. Investing Bitcoin is something like that. Some think it is still a fad, the bubble will burst. I understand the biggest fear most have is the lack of regulation, the fact your money is not protected by the government. That very fact is why some people find it so appealing. It is going to get called a scam, it already is. Some people don’t understand it at all.

I don’t think it is a pyramid scheme and even though the term multi level marketing seems so evil to some, it is nothing more then a label itself. Where exactly the Bitcoin train is going is still unknown. I just bought myself a ticket cause I haven’t seen the train slow down yet. My links are all over the website if you want to click on them and find out more about Bitcoin.

As always, you can throw some comments down in the box, I would love to discuss it with you!

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