Nothing new, people searching out ways to make money online. I keep repeating it because it is true. The numbers are going to keep growing. The interesting thing is, the number of people who are successful isn’t going to grow the same way. People are searching for ways to make money, not create wealth. Affiliate Marketing Creates Wealth. Have I confused you a little? There is a huge difference between making money and creating wealth. Let me explain.

Anybody, can make money. It really isn’t that hard to do. I could sit here and explain all the easy ways do it. In fact, most people have a job. That makes money. You can sell your goods on Ebay. That makes money. You can have a garage sale instead and maybe even make a few bucks selling stuff you no longer have a use for. That is money back into your pocket. There are lots of ways to make money.

Money ComesMoney

And money goes! That is the huge difference. And it is a state of mind. You see, to me, the difference between money and wealth is that wealth doesn’t just go. It takes an awful lot more hard work and dedication to CREATE wealth, because it is so much more then just having a couple of bucks in your pocket.

When you strive to create wealth in your life, your are gaining something far more valuable then just a few dollars. Remember, the dollars get spent and when they do, you may or may not have something to show for them. If you didn’t buy a physical product that you hold in your hand, then you hope the experience stays with you.

Creating Wealth, gives you something far more incredible then just the experience. When you decide that you want to make a change in your life, you don’t just decide to make money. You begin to understand that you are looking for a higher purpose, something more meaningful then just making a few bucks.

Create Wealth becomes a mindset, and you begin to comprehend that your are gaining far more then just some experience, you are establishing foundations for yourself. These foundations are the real strength and driving force you need to move forward and continue becoming wealthy.

Money Goes

There are people everyday who post on social media easy ways to make money. There are people everyday that claim you can make hundreds of dollars with little or no effort.

Let’s pretend that some of these claims are true, I say that because I don’t believe they are true, these examples support the case I am making here, the difference between wealth and money.

Wealth, is more then just a financial thing. It is more then just the money in your back account. Wealth is a feeling of accomplishment, because you know you had to work hard to achieve the success, that gives you that wealth. It goes way beyond the paycheck.


Comes from an accumulation of wealth. That is the reason that money cannot buy happiness. In my last article, I claimed that affiiate marketing is about passion and purpose, and I stand by those statements.

With passion and purpose comes production, and with production comes results. These are all big words for defining change in ones life. Becoming an affiliate marketer to create wealth, which contributes to your overall happiness in general.

To make the kind of money that most people are seeking, the kind of money that most people think would make them feel rich, or wealthy, you have to make serious changes about the way you do everything in your life. The way you eat, sleep and work.

You can argue these facts however, why are you considering change if the money you make is already enough? It is because you don’t feel anything else, there is no other satisfaction, especially after the money is goes…

There are many things you change when you decide to create wealth. These changes are fundemental and go beyond finding a way to get rich over night. That just doesn’t happen in the real world.

Affiliate Marketing

Is a completely different mindset then just making money online. There is no easy way to do it, and the proof is the fact that so many people struggle with it.

Affiliate marketing found me, when I was looking for ways to just make money online. I have sales in my blood. I wanted to be on the computer, online working from home the way we all do.

What I didn’t realize is the real change I was seeking, can only start with me, deep inside. I needed to change my whole outlook on everything.

Wealth is a State of MindState of Mind

Now I don’t know if I have written the greatest article here, or if I am making the exact point, so I am going to try and some it all up here.

Your health, your mental state of mind, your focus, your outlook. To me, those are all the things that actually create wealth. I am lucky, I am here promoting the tools that helped me realize all of these things along the way.

I don’t have anything I can recommend to you that will just earn a few dollars and be that easy. That is again, why most of us have jobs.

I can tell you that if your are serious about generating an income, and you are looking for fundamental strategies to be successful, I have that option for you.

Affiliate Marketing is choosing a Niche, a specialty to promote and earn money as a reward for uniting the people with that need they have.

Becoming an affiliate marketer means that you are seeking a far more higher purpose then just a couple deposits to your paypal. It means you have the passion, you know your purpose and you are ready to tell the world.

That might require you to quit your job, take on a new diet, start working out. Writing down your goals, creating new plans and taking action. Yes, all of this stuff comes before you should even worry about making any money.

Because that is the whole point.

I Promise you, if you take the jump, follow your gut and want the change you seek, you can have it. There are steps to take, it is not going to happen overnight. Your health will get stronger, as will your will power, and your quest to better yourself on all levels.

Waking up everyday to take on the world and make a difference. After a while, you are wealthy, and you will feel it. You realize that the money you were chasing, was just money. The wealth of knowledge and experience, the ability to make change in other people lifes, there is no richer feeling.

The sale pitch here is for Wealthy Affiliates. You can read the review and get more details here. I believe, you can learn how to create wealth in your life. And yes, make some money too.