The last time I wrote about why I promote the Wealthy Affiliates program. It is, in general my Niche. When I was searching for ways to make money online, I jumped through a lot of hoops. I didn’t know what my focus was going to be. Then, I learned that Wealthy Affiliates Marketing Niche was the answer I was looking for. The fantasic part about that is the fact the number of people looking for ways to make money, grows every single day.

SearchingThat is probably one of the things that stops poeple from pursuing this lifestyle change, They convince themselves that the market is saturated and there are already too many people doing this.

How can you possibly make any money with all of this competition.

That answer is very simple though. Anybody who doesn’t agree with me, has already lost the race in their own mind, and I wish you much success. Those of you that understand still have a chance to succeed because you don’t pay attention to anything except the feeling you have, to turn your pasion, into your purpose; your purpose into production.

The key to going into affiliate marketing is too realize that you have news and information people are looking for. The wonderful thing about Niches is, the number of them grows every single day, just like people searching for ways to make money.

I mentioned orange scented candles could be your niche. If you have a hard time thinking about how many people would search for this, think of how many people do actually search for candles.

That itself is the Niche, then add scented candles. Then add that they are orange. Add that they are 4 different shades of orange.

CAndle Niche

I just gave you a few different possible things to write about if you love candles, especially orange scented ones. A collector doesn’t stop looking for additions. If I collect candles, maybe I don’t know about the new orange scented candles you are talking about. Your knowledge is NEW to me, even if you can’t believe I don’t know about it yet!

That is the power of the internet, Niches are infinite. The numbers of people searching for all of this stuff is infinite. The internet grows every second, so does the opportunity for you to become a successful internet affiliate marketer.

Start Learning Affiliate Marketing

If you are searching for ways to be successful and start, because you already know your niche, that is what Wealthy Affiliates Marketing Courses are all about, that is what it means to have a Niche. Taking your passion and purpose, and marketing it. Sellling it. Being rewarded for producing genuine content, that people can trust and ultimately reward you for, by purchasing from you.

The power of this program has guided my passion and purpose to continue to promote Wealthy Affiliates because it is that powerful.

So let’s say you are completely on the fence right now. You are not sure what your Niche might be. You don’t know enough about Affiliate Marketing to confidently just take up Bootcamp and promote the school; but you want to figure out exactly what your Niche will be.

Here, are some examples.…

The next few pages of that lesson go on to point out these Niches,

Business Plan Software
CRM Software
Office Software
Survey Software
Barcode Software
Powerpoint Software
Inventory Software
OCR Software
Flowchart Software
Spreadsheet Software

Car Stereos
Car Subwoofers
LCD Monitors
Keyless Entry
Car Alarms
Phone Chargers
Car GPS Systems
DVD Players
Car Demobolizers

Blenders (handheld and countertop)
Electric Kettles
Waffle Irons
Countertop Grills
Water Coolers/Filtration Systems

Womens Bathing Suits
Men’s Swimwear
Plus Sized Clothing
Consignment/Used Clothing
Men’s Suits
Custom T-Shirts
Outdoor Wear
Organic clothing
Yoga Clothing
Golf Attire

Garden Tools
Manual Lawnmowers
Growing Vegetables
Fertilizers and Soil
Landscape Design
Automated Sprinkler Systems
Do it Yourself Book

Scuba Diving
Four Wheeling / Quading
Gold Panning
Rock Climbing

Smoke shops
Electronic Cigarettes
Cigar Cutters
Ash Trays
Stop Smoking Products
Services to Stop Smoking

Performing Magic
Circus Clowing
Dance Recitals
Ballroom Dance
Square Dancing
Irish Step
Dancing Shoes

Did any of those ideas spark an interest for you?

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing, finding your Niche is really the easiest part. To succeed, join Wealthy Affiliates and turn that passion and purpose into production. You owe it to yourself to try.

What have you got to lose?

Got something to SAY?! Haha, throw it down in the comment section, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Have a fantastic day.