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I am probably not what you would call the normal Affiliate Marketer. There are a few reasons I say that. You will be able to surf this website and read all about the different things that make up Internet Marketing and ways to make money online. What you won’t see are any optin forms, emails or newsletters.

Welcome to Fortune Fortune Follows the Bold! Brought to you by iJared at Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing and online sales has fascinated me ever since I became successful in commission sales to begin with. Being a fan of surfing the internet myself, the idea of working online and creating multiple streams of income appeals to me probably as much as it appeals to you!

The more I learned about being on the internet, the more I created value for myself in my professional endeavors. I found ways to help small businesses in my own community build their own online presence.

The options and the choices for learning ways to make money online was, and still is very overwhelming. The more time I have spent looking around the more I realized, there are great opportunities out there they just have to be promoted more. More people have to be made aware of them.


In 2014 I was let go from a commission sales manager position I had selling mattresses. I had held the position for over 5 years and was very good at it. In all totals, my sales were over a $1,000,000!

There were many different reasons for the company to let me go. Deep down, I personally knew that I wasn’t meant to be an employee.

Its not my work ethic, there is no problem there. I just don’t want to make more money for somebody else anymore. I have my own ideas, I have my own strategies, I have my own thinking.

Every Person

Affiliate Marketers, Small Business Owners, Stay at Home Moms and Dads. Retired, Semi-Retired, Laid off or just plain and simple looking for something new, I want to share all of this with them. I can relate in a certain way with almost everybody else out there with a dream.

For those that kind of know what they are looking for, the information might not be so new and overwhelming. For those just starting out I hope it gives you fresh insights. I hope it informs you and teaches you something new regardless of your current knowledge!

I want my story to be inspiring however, that is really the point, we all have a story and we can all inspire somebody.

I have enthusiasm and I have passion. I am online because after learning the corporate world and mastering sales, I decided I wanted to capitalize the most on my strongest points. Those being communication, I have a writing style, and with my experiences in the working world, I knew I had a lot of information to share with people.Focus

My first mistake was thinking that just because my brain was full of mattress information, that that was the niche I wanted to follow. That was not the case. It did take some time for me to realize that was not what I wanted to keep going with. Not on a daily basis anyways.

I think the internet is changing, and I think thanks to Amazon and companies like Uber and AirBnb, people’s minds are changing too. The internet is actually starting to gain some legitimacy, and so is internet marketing, more specifically affiliate marketing.

Things are getting easier for everybody to understand. Technology is becoming more and more user friendly every single day. There are still a lot of people who suffer from a little bit of tech phobia but for the most part, I think there are more people embracing technology.

That’s why I am still here, and having even more fun now then I was when I first started.


Because there are so many more people out there searching for a way to change everything.

People just like me. People completely different then me, who still think about the same things I think about. Working for themselves. Living life a little differently. Setting goals, making a few key changes where its most important. Following steps you know will work out, will have positive results.

We all want to help people. There is no doubt in my mind about that at all.

Being online is magical to me. We have the world at our fingertips and the possibility to reach out to any one single person at a time. It really is a very cool opportunity to say the very least.Global

I say it on my personal bio page, you can visit here, that I found Wealthy Affiliate when I was searching for another way to make money online. Cause I was. That is what brought me to this point.

Along the way I have continued to invest time and money into other courses, other programs and different software. This has given me a lot of experience that I am grateful and the opportunity to share it all with you!


Provide you with the Tools of Affiliate Marketing, Small Business Promotion and Creating Income Online!

I believe in the pay it forward philosophies of life. I believe that you have to be thankful and you have to lead by example. Anybody searching for ways to make money online will find options here. About how it works, why you do it. Where to learn about any and all of it.

While being online and learning about creating multiple streams of income, I have also learned about web design and development. I have built websites for friends and family. There have also been many different clients that wanted services based on the skills I have learned attending University online.

There are so many different levels and processes for creating wealth online. Because of my personality, looking for the fun stuff, and the neat stuff, I have looked at, and bought a lot of affiliate marketing “stuff”.

Cool Gadgets

Some of it is really good, and some of it is really really good. Yes, some of it is just terrible. I’ll show you all of it and tell you why it’s terrible. What you do with any of it is up to you.

I want to bring a sincere message to you. Fortune Follows the Bold really is meant to be a destination point.

Affiliate Marketing Reviews

This niche of making money online, the laptop lifestyle isn’t going anywhere. In fact the numbers just keep growing. And they are going to continue to grow, and grow, and grow.

I will give you my perspective on affiliate marketing, sales on the internet. I am like that middle guy that knows all the different ways to show you. I am the guy that knows the wholesale deals for the people that want the inside track.

Provide everybody out there looking around with information they are looking for when it comes to any facet of being online and creating an income. That is the bottom line at the end of the day. All of this stuff looks really cool, but what is the real point of it all. Why are you really spending your money, and more importantly, why are you investing your time.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. I mean that too. I will answer you best that I can.

All the best,

Jared Bosch

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