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Ok so I am about to attempt to write an article about Bitcoin and try to keep it simple. I do believe that Bitcoin is not just Currency, which is exactly why I am here writing about it. I can tell you I am an investor. Yes, I hope my investment continues to grow and I will continue to invite other people to join.

Crypto Currency


That just sounds complicated doesn’t it? I mean, the Crypto part I think means that there is a bit of a puzzle. The Currency, I understand. That is the money part of it all right. That is where, everybody understands that is what the vaue of the currency is. How much money you have, or even better, how much you can spend!

This is An Investment

When you talk about these currencies, and there are many of them as the experts will point out, no doubt Bitcoin is the most well known, and controversial. Any time we talk about where we are going to put our money, when we expect to make more with it, you should understand the risk.

Unlike the Stock Market


I myself have never boughts stocks. Would never want to be a stock broker either. Totally different conversation though. Bitcoin, is different then buying stocks, because you are buying a recognized form of currency.

The Future of Trading

This is what excites me and makes me want to learn more and more about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. And again, back to the reason for writing this post. This video is quick and I think it really is the best couple of minutes peiced together from Bill Gates. Some of the strongest points are made about this paradigm that is happening.

An Open Mind

I think no matter what you are thinking you have to be open to different ways of thinking. That is what the new world is all about. And I am not saying that to sound all crazy and stuff. We are living in a whole new world and all of these different things are happening so that we can become stronger as human beings moving forward. May I am going to sound a little crazy.

At the end of the day, this is about good change and moving forward. I believe in all of this simply because, I believe it is making technology and business something we all really lacking. Security.


With Security, it is protected. That is what I see with Bitcoin, and why I have invested my money. I intend on accepting Bitcoin in my future business dealings, online and off. I believe in it that strongly probably for the same reason many people are starting to get on board. Because it is different and it takes out the greed.

The Way I See It

Bitcoin is designed, by my understanding of it so far, to provide a currency for trading, for services or products rendered. The exchange is between the 2 interested party, and a reward for the entity that fascilitates the transaction. The whole system is also designed to protect itself from outside attacks, getting stronger all the while.

I know you have something you want to say! Right?!




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